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Dental Exams Blainville

Lüminus Dentaire provides residents of Blainville, Quebec with dental exams that are anything but routine. Our exams are comprehensive and all encompassing.

They consist of a thorough intra-oral, extra-oral and cancer screening examination. The head and neck and the hard tissues of the mouth are evaluated. A charting of existing dental restorations and treatments are recorded. The periodontal (gum) status of the mouth will also be evaluated during the dental exam. All radiographs considered necessary to determine all dental needs will be taken. This may include a panoramic film, as well as individual, smaller and more specific films. Finally, a diagnosis of any problematic areas of the mouth, be it faulty existing restorations, new decay, periodontal disease, etc. will be documented and a treatment plan will be formulated.

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

More often than not, the teeth will be cleaned and polished once the dental exam is completed. A treatment plan will be formulated by the dentist and the patient together, as part of a co-diagnosis philosophy, highlighting priorities and needs. Before services are undertaken, an estimate of costs related to the treatment plan will be provided.

At the time of diagnosis, it is important to note that more specialized treatments may be required, such as dental crowns and veneers, wisdom tooth removal, root canal therapy, gingival grafting and more.

These treatments are scheduled when and if necessary, whereas dental exams follow a routine schedule.

How Often Should I Get a Dental Checkup?

When it comes to how often one should present for a dental exam, this will vary for each individual based on their needs, but as a rule of thumb, every six months is ideal. If general and/or oral health is compromised or should there be a history of periodontal disease, it may be recommended to visit every 3 or 4 months.

As there are proven links between poor oral health and the onset of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, low birth weights in newborns, regular dental visits are always recommended.

What to Expect During a Dental Exam

During your dental exam, any changes in your health will be recorded. If this is an initial visit, a series of pictures will be taken to record the starting point with our clinic. All radiographs required to evaluate all dental needs will be taken. This will likely include a panoramic radiograph, which is a single picture of both upper and lower teeth, tissues and bones, Smaller individual films will also be required, An in depth intra/extra-oral evaluation and a cancer screening examination will also be performed, at which point the tissues of the head and neck and the hard tissues of the mouth will be evaluated.

All existing restorations are examined to determine if there’s a need to repair or replace them. Any new decay is also noted both clinically and with the help of radiographs. In both cases, pictures of the affected teeth are recorded with an intra-oral camera, the periodontal (gum) status of the mouth is recorded. Any bleeding or excessive spacing between the gum and tooth are noted. Finally, in most instances, the teeth will cleaned and polished.

Dental Check-ups Blainville

A thorough regular dental exam and dental check-up are needed to understand your complete oral health. We will provide you with a comprehensive visit that will consist of photographs, radiographs and a personalized exam for you and your family.

90 minutes or less


A dental checkup that’s designed to prevent problems, instead of just solving them.


We’ll collect your insurance and credit card information digitally, ensuring a contactless check-in, saving time, and making for a shorter and safer visit.



It’s your time – Get comfortable and watch streamed shows on our wall-mounted TV.