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Ceramic Dental Restorations Blainville

Long gone are the days of trays filled with runny pastes and putties that make you gag. Unaesthetic and broken-down fillings? Worn-down, chipped and stained teeth?

Digital Dentistry At The Highest Level Is Here.​

Sirona’s Primescan dental scanning technology can be used to treat a single tooth or a full mouth. It is outstandingly accurate and quick, simple and comfortable.

Lüminus Dentaire offers clients ceramic dental restorations in Blainville, Quebec. For uncompromised aesthetic results, our ceramic dental restorations are fabricated, artistically stained and glazed to blend seamlessly with natural teeth, making them an excellent option for smile enhancement.

At Lüminus Dentaire, we are also conscious as to how valuable your time is.  Due to our state-of-the-art technology, we offer single-visit ceramic restorations, which allows us to perform several dental restorations in just one appointment, without having our patients return home with temporary restorations while their permanent ones are fabricated.

Ceramic Dental Restoration Consultation

We begin with a 30-minute consultation to determine the current state of your tooth or filling and to determine the type of ceramic restoration needed. Do you need a crown or a bridge? Maybe an inlay/onlay or a veneer? We then reserve the appropriate amount of time required to manufacture and deliver your beautifully strong ceramic restoration in a single visit.


Scanning sensor processes more than 1,000,000 3D points per second, producing photorealistic and highly accurate data.


Captures more than 50000 images per second, and complete 3D-scan models are displayed immediately.

Ceramic Dental Crowns

Crowns are used to restore compromised teeth, particularly when more than 50% of the natural tooth structure has been replaced by a traditional filling or decay or has fractured. It is also indicated to protect a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy, seeing that these teeth become increasingly brittle and are prone to fracture. A crown can also serve to alter the appearance of misshaped, misaligned, and/or discoloured teeth. In all cases, ceramic dental crowns restore compromised teeth to optimal structure, strength and appearance.

Ceramic Dental Crown Restorations

Some of the more common applications of ceramic dental crowns are:

Restoration of fractured teeth

Restoration of worn or fragile teeth

Restoration of significantly decayed or restored teeth

Restoration of endodontically (root canal) treated teeth

To enhance aesthetics

Ceramic restorations offer excellent aesthetics. With artistic staining and glazing, they can blend in seamlessly with existing teeth. One of the greatest advantages is that all ceramic restorations are fabricated from a single uniform block. They do not have a metallic base onto which porcelain baked. Therefore, the darkness that is often seen at the gum line with such crowns, doesn’t exist with all ceramic restorations. As well, light hits and passes through ceramic restorations, unlike metallic based restorations, mimicking natural teeth and delivering optimal aesthetics.

Nevertheless, ceramically restored teeth must still be judiciously maintained. Excellent brushing and flossing are imperative as is regular check-ups, to avoid decay at the interface of the ceramic crown and natural tooth.


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